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Falling Off the Horse: An Unschooling Adventure

June 9th, 2014|

bserving Duncan's self-directed approach to programming games, inventing new (programmed) devices, and crafting visual stories was both spark and kindling for me. After all, his interests inspired and guided him far better than I might, pushing him through frustration and challenge, demanding his focus and attention, and delighting him with personal accomplishment. What might be possible if we created a context in which he could follow his interests along every vector?

The Art of Continual Transformation

May 12th, 2014|

igning the contract, I listened to the school’s director as he shared his vision. Clearly, he was enthusiastic about martial arts and I could see that Taekwondo meant a lot to him. So, though I didn’t share his experience and didn’t care about the deeper benefits of the discipline, I was courteous and patient. I gave him my respect and hoped he would respect me as I said, “This isn’t so much for me as it is my son. After he feels comfortable here, I’ll be ending my own studies. I’m thinking after our first test.”

More Time for Invention

April 16th, 2014|

hrough homeschooling, our family has realized a variety of benefits outside the range of our initial goals. However, what has our attention right now is the amount of time Duncan has to investigate, study, and practice within the area of occupational education (a requirement per Washington State with greater definition at the high school level).

2 Reasons to Love Homeschooling

February 18th, 2014|

o. 1 The flexibility of our homeschool schedule allows for travel. At the end of last May, before it grew too hot, we were able to travel to Zion and Bryce Canyon

Thinking in Project Terms

January 5th, 2014|

hen Duncan grows up, he wants to be a Daddy, a programmer, an animator, an architect, and an artist. So, it occurred to me that a skill benefiting all of these occupations is project management—something I'm pretty good at and have trained others to do in my past-life as an engineer. Only, Duncan is a bit younger than the crowd I've coached before,

Minecraft D

December 28th, 2013|

uncan created the following and said, "This might happen if I play too much Minecraft." Which, of course, made us laugh. However, while he does play a fair amount of the game and enjoys his Paul Videos, I think he's safe for now.